Regulatory reform

The Office of Productivity and Red Tape Reduction within Queensland Treasury advises on regulatory issues and supports a transparent approach to the making and review of regulation.

Effective regulatory impact analysis, such as through a regulatory impact statement (RIS), helps discourage the growth of unnecessary regulation by ensuring that any proposed new regulation considers the potential impacts on all stakeholders.

Agencies are required to seek the OBPR's advice as to whether a RIS is required for any regulatory proposal and to submit all RISs to the OBPR for assessment.

After the release of a RIS has been approved by the government, the agency must make arrangements for the publication of the RIS and the OBPR's final letter of advice on the adequacy of the RIS on the Get involved website.

Regulatory impact statements (RIS)

RISs that are currently available for consultation, or were released recently, can be found on the consultations page.

Regulatory impact statement system guidelines

The Queensland Government guide to better regulation describes the procedure for developing regulation for Queensland Government agencies.