Consultation Paper – Food Act 2006 Review

The Food Act 2006 (Food Act), which commenced in June 2006, is the primary piece of food safety legislation in Queensland. The Food Act seeks to ensure that food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption. It also seeks to prevent misleading and deceptive conduct in relation to food. 

While the Food Act has been amended over the years, it has not been subject to a formal review. You are invited to provide feedback on 39 legislative reform proposals outlined in the consultation paper. The consultation paper seeks stakeholder views about policy and operational issues where amendment would make the Food Act fit for purpose and ensure minimum effective regulation. You are also invited to provide information relating to other matters not identified where legislative amendment may be considered beneficial. 

Your feedback is important. Your response can cover all proposals or just those of interest to you. Please provide your feedback by 11 June 2023 with the online survey.

If you don't want to complete the survey but have information that you think we need to know about, you can contact Queensland Health directly at

The Consultation Paper, Review of the Food Act 2006, is located here

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  • Consultation Survey - Review of the Food Act 2006

    You are invited to provide feedback on the legislative reform proposals outlined in the consultation paper. Your response can cover all proposals or just those of interest to you.

    This survey relates to 39 proposals to amend the Food Act 2006. 

    Please consider, and provide feedback on, the following:

    • whether you support or do not support a particular proposal, and if not supporting, the reason(s) why including expected impacts the proposal will have on you or your business or organisation
    • any other new proposals, general comments or feedback.