Queensland Written-off Vehicle Scheme reform

We are seeking public input on a package of preferred options to reform Queensland's Written-off Vehicle Scheme.

A review of the existing Written-off Vehicle Scheme identified 4 main areas of concern:

  • potential for unsafe vehicles to be repaired, registered and used on Queensland roads
  • underreporting of written-off vehicles
  • vehicle theft of older and heavy vehicles is not being managed
  • lack of public awareness.

There are 8 changes to the Written-off Vehicle Scheme being proposed to ensure the scheme's continued effectiveness and to achieve a higher degree of national consistency.

These changes are designed to ensure the scheme continues to minimise the incidence of profit-motivated vehicle theft, supports Queensland road safety outcomes, and provides accurate information for consumers when buying used vehicles.

It is important that you have an opportunity to comment on the proposed options for reform as they impact the safety of some vehicles used on Queensland roads.

Your feedback will help us to consider the suitability of the proposed package of reforms.

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