Recreational boating facilities

The survey will help us and other agencies prioritise future projects, inform the way boating infrastructure is built, and provide valuable input to the Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study 2022.

Trailer boat facilities 

We provide over 500 recreational boating assets in Queensland including boat ramps, pontoons, jetties, floating walkways, dredged channels and so on. Trailer boat facility questions relate to those facilities used primarily by trailerable vessels such as power trailer boats, trailer sailers, personal watercraft.

Land‑based facilities such as car parking, toilets, lighting, bbqs, landscaping and so on are the responsibility of local councils. Foreshore recreational facilities like canoe launching steps (ramps) are also council provided.   

Non-trailerable vessel facilities

Approximately 5% of vessels registered in Queensland are non-trailerable. This can be because the vessel is too large or the owner prefers to leave it in the water.

There are 10 state boat harbours some of which contain private marinas. The following boat harbours are state-owned:

  • Bowen
  • Cabbage Tree Creek
  • Manly
  • Mooloolaba
  • Nelly Bay
  • Rosslyn Bay
  • Scarborough
  • Snapper Creek
  • Urangan

Non-trailerable vessel facility questions relate to facilities provided by us for use by non-trailerable recreational vessels such as large power boats and yachts. 

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What is your postcode?
1. This will help us associate your feedback with the area you live in and identify local trends.  *
2. Do you own a registered recreational vessel like a power boat, yacht, personal watercraft or hovercraft?  
Which type of recreational vessel do you own:  

Trailer boat facilities
Do you use trailer boat facilities (like boat ramps, pontoons, jetties) or non-trailerable vessel facilities (like marina berth, buoy, pile mooring or private pontoons).  *
What is the approximate length of your vessel?  
How often do you go boating for recreational purposes?  
How long do you usually drive to access your preferred boat ramp?  
If your preferred boat ramp is not your closest boat ramp, can you tell us why you choose this boat ramp over boat ramps closer to your home.  
Are there enough recreational boating facilities in your area?  
Tell us in detail about the recreational boating facilities you think your area needs  
Thinking about your local or preferred boat ramp, does it provide for your boat launching and retrieval needs?  
What improvements do you think would help?  
Are there any launching points (informal or unofficial) in your area where a new boating facility, like a boat ramp or pontoon, could be provided and would be beneficial to the community? If so, please tell us closest street address and why this is a good location:  
To improve the efficiency of on-water and vehicular traffic at boat ramps, queuing facilities that allow users to move their boat off the boat ramp while they park or retrieve their tow car are sometimes provided. Which queuing facilities do you prefer to use  

How far are you willing to walk from a formal car-trailer unit car parking space to a boat ramp, before you choose to park away from facilities?  
Our data tells us that the size of trailer boats is increasing. Currently, boat ramp lanes are designed for a maximum load of 8 tonnes per lane. Do you think the combined mass of your car, trailer and vessel may exceed 8 tonnes?  
Is there something else you'd like to tell us about trailer boat facilities?  *
Do you operate a private or commercial vessel?  
What is the approximate length of your vessel?  
How is your vessel currently berthed, moored or stored?  

Considering how your vessel is currently stored, is this your preferred storage method?  

What is currently preventing you from getting a berth, mooring or other boat storage facility?  

Does the typical state boat harbour depth of 2.5m below Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) Chart Datum, allow sufficient depth for your vessel at all tides?  
Is there something else you'd like to tell us about non-trailerable vessel facilities?  
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