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North Stradbroke Island public transport study

The Queensland Government is investigating public transport needs on, to and from North Stradbroke Island. Responses collected from the North Stradbroke Island Public Transport Study (NSI PTS) will be used to inform and prioritise future public transportation needs within the region.

Public transport is critical for making North Stradbroke Island accessible for visitors and supports the liveability of island residents.

Consultation relating to NSI PTS began in July 2017 and the study will conclude in 2018. This survey is part of a wider consultation incorporating residents, visitors, local businesses and industry groups on the island.

The survey will ask the following:

  • when you travel to the island
  • how you travel to and on the island
  • how the different modes of transport connect
  • where you stay on the island
  • if you are a visitor, where are you coming from
  • what you think about existing and future transport.

We are interested in how residents, business owners and visitors currently travel on, to and from the island as well as what they think about improvements to the current public transport system. The survey is open for responses until 9pm, 6 May 2018. 

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The NSI PTS is an initiative of the Queensland Government funded under its North Stradbroke Island Economic Transition Strategy.

The survey is being conducted using SurveyMonkey® which is based in the United States of America. Information you provide on this survey will be transferred to Survey Monkey’s server in the United States of America. By completing this survey, you agree to this transfer. You can read the SurveyMonkey® Privacy Policy online at

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 16 April 2018

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