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State Library of Queensland—digital by design

The development of a Digital Strategy has been identified as a key priority for State Library of Queensland (SLQ) in 2017–18.

SLQ provides access online to digital collections and other content for use and re-use, digital experiences in our exhibitions and events, digital inclusion initiatives such as Tech Savvy Seniors and Deadly Digital Communities, and much more.

We want to continue to grow as a vibrant 21st century library and fulfil our vision to enable the growth of knowledge, innovation and enterprise in Queensland.

The development of a Digital Strategy will help us move from a first generation digital library to a library that is digital by design. 

We are undertaking consultation with staff, key stakeholders and, through this survey, members of the public—those who know and use the library, and those who do not. 

The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete.


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You and libraries
Are you a State Library of Queensland member?  *
Are you a member of a public library?  *
Have you ever accessed or engaged with the State Library online (e.g. website, Library catalogue, social media)?  *
Please respond to the following statements by selecting the response that best fits.  
Libraries should provide free access to the internet. *

Libraries should provide online access to books and other resources. *

Libraries should help people learn how to use digital technologies. *

Digital collections
State Library digitises photographs, books, music, newspapers, and manuscripts to increase access to our collections. We also provide free online access to ebooks, magazines and journals, newspapers, streamed music and video. Which of these do you think are most important to make available online for Queenslanders? (please select your top 3)  
Digital abilities
The Australian Digital Inclusion index looks at access to the internet, affordability of internet access and digital ability of Australians. Queensland has a slightly lower score than the national average and ranks sixth out of the eight states and territories. How could State Library help increase Queenslander's digital abilities?  
Digital ability is confidence with and integration of the internet and technology in our daily lives
Digital experiences
State Library of Queensland delivers exhibitions, events, learning and creative opportunities at our Southbank building. What sort of online experiences should we provide?  
Your comments
Do you have any further comments or suggestions?  
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About your privacy

The Queensland Government is bound by the Information Privacy Act 2009.

The information you provide on this form will only be used for the purpose of informing the the development of State Library of Queensland's digital strategy. We will not share your name or contact details with anyone without your consent. This consultation is a public process and any comments you provide may be published online or elsewhere and may be transmitted outside of Australia. You may wish to bear this in mind when providing your comments.

You are not obliged to provide comments and if you do so it is under the condition that you agree that your comments may be published including on the internet. We will not publish your name or contact details.

Your comments may be moderated according to our acceptable use policy.

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Submit your responses now. Closes 20 October 2017, 11:59PM.

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 3 October 2017

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