Queensland Water Strategy - Water. Our Life Resource

Water powers our people, planet and economic success in a decarbonised world. It supports industry and jobs, the food we eat, and the world around us. Water will become even more vital as we prepare for climate change impacts, a growing population, and newer industries like hydrogen and critical minerals. 

Caring for water means we need to use it wisely, make sure our water is secure and affordable. Sustainable and secure water resources are the key focus of the draft Queensland Water Strategy (the Strategy). It outlines the vision and actions that will guide us over the next five years. Read it on our website and give feedback by 3 October 2023 using the survey link below. 

Strategy development and engagement
People across all levels of government, universities, First Nations groups, regions and industry have shaped this Strategy. Focused on creating long-term, secure and sustained water, they looked at actions to date, policies, and the risks and challenges facing Queensland.

More information
Check the website for updates and more details. Email us at WaterReform@rdmw.qld.gov.au for assistance if required. Scroll down to complete the survey questions.

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  • Queensland Water Strategy - Water. Our Life Resource survey

    Sustainable and secure water resources are key to our State’s future success and the focus of the Queensland Water Strategy (the Strategy). A consultation draft of the Strategy has been released for feedback. Your input will be used to help us understand how we can best achieve the Strategy's aims.

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