Queensland Water Strategy - Water. Our Life Resource survey

Sustainable and secure water resources are key to our State’s future success and the focus of the Queensland Water Strategy (the Strategy). A consultation draft of the Strategy has been released for feedback. Your input will be used to help us understand how we can best achieve the Strategy's aims.

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Q1. What topic matters to you most about water in Queensland?  *
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Q2. What matters concerning water resource management, water supply or use, would you like to see happen through government or industry action?  *
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Q3. How involved are you in your local area water planning, infrastructure developments and how water resources are managed? Choose one only.  *
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Q4. How would you rate your knowledge of what the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water is responsible for on a scale of low to high? Choose the rating that best suits you.  *
Q5. Rate your level of agreement or disagreement with the following statement: (1 strongly disagree; 2 disagree; 3 somewhat agree; 4 agree; 5 strongly agree)  
I believe the state agency for water has plans in place so communities who need it will have water available. *

Q6. Thinking about when decisions about water planning, supply and regulation are made, would you like to be: empowered, involved, consulted, informed or have no interest?  *
Q7. Is there anything else you would like us to consider in developing the Strategy?  
After reviewing the Strategy is there anything that you want to see more or less of
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