Queensland Residential Care System Review - questions

We are seeking input from individuals and organisations on a number of key questions.

You may wish to comment on all of the questions, or only those that are of interest to you. You do not have to respond to every question, except questions 2 and 6. We welcome the use of examples and real data, but please make sure no identifying information is included. Please indicate when making your submission if you want your feedback to remain confidential. Submissions not marked as confidential may be published in full or quoted in public documents. Please note that even submissions marked as confidential may be required to be disclosed by us where we are required by law or court order.

If you submit a response, the information provided will be used to inform the review, you will not receive an individual response to the items you addressed in your submission.

The review will be seeking feedback on the residential care system and submissions should not be used to make allegations of child abuse or child related misconduct. If you suspect that a child may be in immediate danger you should report child abuse.

If you have a complaint about an experience in residential care please visit the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services’ website for more information.

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Q1. What models of support work best to meet the needs of children and young people living in residential care? (Consider what service providers and residential care workers need to deliver high-quality and individual care to meet a broad range of children and young people's needs, including any evidence of successful practice or effective models of support.)  
Q2. What changes could be made to improve the residential care system overall? (Consider the system and what enables or prevents children and young people receiving the right mix of supports, at the right time, to meet their needs.)  *
Q3. What makes a residential care service good for young people living there? (How can we improve outcomes for children and young people with residential care experience?)  
Q4. How can services/systems better work together to meet the needs of children and young people in residential care? (Consider drivers for change and what needs to happen across systems and services to embed meaningful change over the short and long term.)  
Q5. Do you have any other feedback that can help inform the review? (We would like to hear about what works well and what could be done differently.)  
Q6. Do you want your response to remain confidential?  *
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