Cannabis and driving consultation survey

This survey seeks responses to the questions outlined in the consultation paper.

For further information, read the Cannabis and driving in Queensland consultation paper (715KB PDF).

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How often do you use cannabis products containing THC?  *
THC is Delta-9-tetrahyrdrocannabinol, the active ingredient in some cannabis products
How long have you been using cannabis for?  *
Have you ever been convicted of drug driving?  *
Queensland's drug driving laws currently take a zero-tolerance approach to drug driving, meaning that it is illegal to drive while a relevant drug, including THC, is present in your saliva or blood. It is also illegal to drive while under the influence of any drug. Prior to completing this survey, how aware were you of Queensland's drug driving laws?  *
Relevant drugs in Queensland include: THC, MDMA, Methamphetamine (Speed or ice), Cocaine
How do Queensland’s drug driving laws impact you?  *
Should Queensland change or retain its existing approach to drug driving?  *
Do you have any further comments or suggestions on cannabis and driving in Queensland?  
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