Submission form - Burdekin Basin water plan consultation

Anyone can make a submission on the Statement of Proposals. Submissions can made online by 5pm, Friday 5 May 2023 using this submission form.

Only properly made submissions relating to water planning issues will be considered in preparing the new water plan. Other issues raised may be considered out of scope.

To discuss this consultation with the department, please email or phone 1800 822 100.

All submissions will be treated with sensitivity and wherever possible in confidence. However, submissions may be viewed by other parties under the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009.

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Future consultation
A water consultation group may be formed by DRDMW to assist in identifying water management issues: reviewing information, reporting on community perception, providing advice on behalf of the community and representative groups in relation to the draft new plan. Do you wish to participate in a water consultation group?  *

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